Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Mix Master Mike-the intergalactic madman

You all know the Beastie Boys? Sure you do. Well, check this mix from the resident DJ, Mix Master Mike, taken directly from Doug Pray's Scratch, an awesome documentary about DJs. The song is amazing,, and the documentary even better. Shameless plug over, download this tune and pump up the volume.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Langhorne Slim-Jack Johnson meets Johnny Cash

So on the more indie side of things, I'd like to bring your attention to the "new kid on the block".

I'm not really into describing an artist as "______ " meets "______". Actually, I lie. It breaks it down and I always use it. And in this case, I think I'm right. Langhorne Slim has the laid-back side of Jack Johnson, with the biting country sounds of the "Man In Black", Mr. JR Cash.

Slim was brought to my attention by the almighty Bermuda powerhouse, Volcanic Productions. They produced a series called "Live In The Gardens", featuring artists like emerging NYC hip-hop duo Smash Mechanics, and Langhorne himself. Unfortunately, I missed the Brooklyn folk artist, but the first thing I did was check him out.

Wow! This guy knows how to do things. After featuring on Letterman Live (see the video on YouTube), he is sure to skyrocket. This chilled out, acoustic brand of country-folk just works well, and I really enjoy putting on one of his tunes after a long day. The backing of drums and double bass from his band, the War Eagles adds an extra layer to this stripped-down folk rock. I can't really describe it, but I urge you to listen to Langhorne's stuff. As for me, I just want to bring new talent to the forefront of the industry. Daytrotter got there first, though, and thankfully Langhorne teamed up with his band the War Eagles to produce his own version of the legendary Daytrotter session. Check it out, please, and download some tracks.

However, I'm gonna put some of Langhorne's work up on this site. "Sweet Olive Tree" is a simple country song, buoyed by the soaring vocals of Slim himself. It is truly beautiful. On "Rebel Side of Heaven" takes a route to more rock, with keyboards and horns, blended together seamlessly.

Just listen, enjoy, and spread the word. The eponymous full album drops on April 29th.

Sunday, 30 March 2008


Yes, I know. The name doesn't exactly inspire confidence. But this reggae crooner is the latest in a crop of Bermudian artists following in the steps of dancehall newbie Collie Buddz. And you may be surprised when I say this, but Roachekilla is better...

From the Harper Digital "Family", the collective surrounding Collie, Roache is on the verge of greatness. He is part of the up-and-coming movement of roots reggae/dancehall crossover artists, similar to artists like I Wayne, and Richie Spice. However, Roache is a little bit more old school, and emulates the likes of the late Garnett Silk (as mentioned on his MySpace).

So the new tune? Following the relative sucess of his massive tune "Sunrise", he has just released a new tune, "Roses". On first listen, you know this guy should be huge. His voice is smooth, soaring. Just give it a listen, and check out his MySpace. I'm gonna upload both "Sunrise" and "Roses" and I urge all of my faithful few fans to download and spread the roots greatness.



Friday, 7 March 2008

The Roots Rising Down

Well, this is the best music news of the year-The Roots are set to release their new album! Since their first album with arguably the most influential hip-hop record label Def Jam, 2006's Game Theory, The Roots' position in the music world as a whole has increased massively, from a small start.
Two new singles/leaks off the new album show the different direction the band is taking. This album is moving away from The Stetasonic-like sound, the direction the band originally envisioned, and instead shows The Roots truly finding their own sound.
With a mouth-watering list of featuring artists, from the frequent colaborators Peedi Peedi and Malik B to some unlikely choices, such as new-kid-on-the-block Saigon and Fall Out Boy vocalist Patrick Stump. I'm especially looking forward to Saigon and Wale, whom some will remember from the Mark Ronson-Amy Winehouse collab track Valerie (at least the video anyway).
To the new releases. 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction) is the first track from this album I heard. If I'm honest, it wasn't quite what I was expecting. ?uestlove's drum intro boded well, as did Black Thought's flow, although the lyrics weren't up to Thought's normal standards. The synth-background sounds a little rough.
The second track Get Busy featuring Dice Raw, Peedi Peedi, and DJ Jazzy Jeff is brilliant. The lyrics by the three MC's are excellent, and the old-school scratches by Jazzy Jeff just add to the depth of this track. It fits in an unusual way, but it works. Check 'em both out...

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Sorry for the "new" look of the blog, looking to change the template and redesign the entire thing. Problem is, I'm a definite newcomer to all this HTML stuff, and can't find a decent template/skin that works, so you're gonna have to bare with me until I find some time to redo the layout. If anyone knows of any good websites with templates, or has any advice, please post bellow.

For now, just posting a few tracks for you all to satisfy your cravings for new tunes. Just a little warning, these aren't new necessarily, just what I'm listening to at the moment.

Bobby Womack-Across 110th Street

An original soul classic, appearing in many films etc. Trust me, you'll recognise it. Recently brought to my attention after I bought the American Gangster Soundtrack. Just a great tune

Roachekilla-Sunrise (Dark Cloud Riddim)

A new dancehall classic outta Bermuda. Collie Buddz fans will remember Roache from Sensimillia, the laid-back ode to smokin' some high-grade. This is is first single, but as it's off a promo, it's not the full version. It does bode well, with some ridiculous vocals. Check it out and tell me what you think. Maybe a few comments will persuade me to upload the promo it came from, featuring other Bermudian artists such as Collie Buddz, Flookie and C'Daynger.

Stephen Marley-Mind Control

Yes, I know, this song came out in the summer. I only just bought Mind Control, and I can definately recommend it. The title track stands out for me, a nice blend of the old-school roots style and the new stuff.

Friday, 30 November 2007

What I'm listening to...

Inspired by fellow Blogger Will H over at The Cold Cut, I've decided to post a little "mood mix" bout how I'm currently feeling about life in general. To be honest, it's gotten to a stage in term where everyone is fed up and ready to go home and sleep for 2 weeks. Seriously. Have a listen-tell me what you think

T.O.K-Live It Up

Another Confessions Riddim classic, and an anti-war anthem, by dancehall masters T.O.K. Amazing vocals, amazing tune.

Gentleman-Can't Hold Us Down ft. Barrington Levy & Daddy Rings

From his 2004 smash Confidence, an amazing track with one of the best intro's courtesy of legend Barrington Levy. Just got the album, and I suggest you do the same.

Smash Mechanics-Soul Wired

Remember the Smash Mechanics? Well, you probably have never heard of them, unless you read this blog-check out the older post about their album Canon Law. This tune is a banger, with a great beat. This is one tune you need to hear from their debut. Oh, and I really need to know what you think about this track, so COMMENT!

Chris Brown-Kiss Kiss ft. T-Pain

Another chart topper, featuring Southern rapper/producer T-Pain, from Chris Brown's new album Exclusive. The video is amazing as well

Moby-Guitar Flute & String

Chilled track from the master. Amazing guitar riffs, and one of the most relaxed songs I've ever heard. Beautiful.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Jay-Z-American Gangster

A concept album. Defined by many by the band Pink Floyd, in their release in 1973 of "Dark Side of The Moon". Since then, however, the idea of a concept album has fallen from grace in the modern music world. With the release of "American Gangster" by Jay-Z, the idea of a concept album has been given the proverbial "shot in the arm".

After the (relative) crap that was "Kingdom Come", Jay-Z needed a blockbuster, an album like "Blueprint" that would raise the bar for the rap game. He needed a hard-hitting album that saw a return to style, with crisp production and Jay-Z's trademark flow. Any artist that composes lyrics without a pen and a paper is nothing short of amazing, and if you don't believe me, watch the documentary Fade To Black. It'll humble you.

Well, back to the album. Jay has stated that every song fits a certain scene in the film American Gangster, directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The album does fit with the film, with the gritty nature of Jay's lyrics complementing perfectly the storyline of this crime drama.

Jay-Z has enlisted an all-star cast of The Neptunes, Diddy's Hitmen, DJ Toomp, Kanye West's mentor No I.D., and Just Blaze. Haven't heard the singles yet? Well Blue Magic was the first one released on September 20, 2007 and peaked at 52 on Billboard Hot 100. The second single Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)... was released on October 10, 2007, peaking at 64 on Billboard Hot 100. Check these tracks out, especially Blue Magic, produced by The Neptunes has one of the greatest beats on a Jay-Z album for a while-the rolling drum sounds amazing.

So see the film, and buy the album. Hell, buy 'em both if you want. It does mark a return to form of one of the best rappers in the world. You could get lost in this album, with the slick rhymes and fat rhythms. Posting two of the best tracks-so tell me what you think...and sorry for the delay in posting.

Jay-Z-No Hook

Jay-Z-American Dreamin'